One single, well considered piece that can transform an entire room, or an entire Summer wardrobe. 

The embodiment of a classic. An object that does not date, rather, as it collects the years and wears, it gains in value and the owner sees this object as an essential piece of their day-to-day life. A relationship has been formed.

Key pieces for the home, the wardrobe, the habitat. Understated essentials designed to be worn and utilised over and over. Sincere in production and design. 

A whisper of good taste, of careful decision making, earnestly acquired.

A thoughtful point of difference. A little something that gives the feeling of luxury, of having been somewhere, of having thought something quite remarkable. Exclusive. Accessible.

A concept by Lia-Belle King and Lotte James Barnes.

Every item made by Worn is made to order, made by hand, and made locally. The money you spend on this product goes directly to the person who crafted it. We're an eco-conscious brand and try to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum, in doing so we limit our shipments to three per year. Every piece of furniture made by Worn is sent with a limited edition numbered card. 

"During our time living in Indonesia we invested in developing beautiful relationships with local crafts-men and women. Over time we located the specialists of each material (leather, timber, cane and bamboo) and we have created a community of people all working on the production of Worn items. We work only with small family owned and run businesses and respect the time it takes for each piece to be entirely made by one single person. Our makers do not use harmful dyes on our leather, or toxic treatments on our wood, cane and bamboo products. We aim to keep a harmonious relationship with the environment, with the health of those making the products, and with you our customer - and your home space."